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Why partner with our growth firm?

Over $25M in Client Generated Revenue For E-Commerce Businesses On Meta, Google, and TikTok

  • Forget One-Side Teams. Creative-only and media-buying-only agencies alike aren’t aligned with the market’s tides… One doesn’t go without the other, they’re linked, and we get it.
  • Say “NO!” to too many creatives. Producing UGC & ad creatives at scale can get messy. We’re efficient – Our creatives HIT and require less testing volume than the comparable agency. And… If you want to attack Google, well, you can forget about the need for creatives at all!
  • Get basic, and become basically good. Too many focus on too much. Targeting, campaign structure, ad frameworks and building blocks… There’s only one thing that matters: The marketing fundamentals. We’re marketers, not simple ad buyers.

Maximize Acquisition

We leverage top-of-funnel acquisition channels like Meta, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, allowing you to create intent in the market whilst utilizing third-party attribution tools for data accuracy.

Capture High-Intent Customers

Capture the existing intent of online users with the power of Google Ads. Benefit from Shopping, Performance Max, Search or Display campaigns, without having to spend 1000s in ad creatives. We’ll also help you set up your Google Merchant Center & Tag Manager so you can get the most out of the platform.

Scroll-Stopping Ad Creatives

Our team will craft unique high-converting ad creative concepts and scripts utilizing timeless marketing fundamentals and leveraging consumer psychology methodologies. We aren’t bound to a single creative type – Statics, User-Generated Content, Videos, Motiongraphics… We’ll produce what converts.

Holistic Growth Strategies

All starts with a strong offer, right? We offer ongoing consulting services advising you on offers, market trends, customer research & NLP consumer reports, competitive analysis, CRO and much more.

In-House-Like Communication

Benefit from a proactive line of communication with our marketing savants through your own dedicated Slack channel. With twice-a-week reports, monthly creative analysis & consumer insights, on-demand consulting calls, and more, tweaked to your liking. We’re always one text away from helping you!

Bilingual Team Of Marketing Experts

Being based in Montreal, Canada, you benefit from a team of bilingual experts in French & English. We either can help you expand to the French market across Canada and Europe or on the flip side, help your French-speaking brand expand to the US and International markets.

Introducing our proprietary CreativeStrategy.AI

Marketing Fundamentals Supercharged By OpenAI Technology

Scientific Advertising

Ad creation is a science, not a shot in the dark. Quit wasting resources on underperforming ads. Apply proven principles for higher conversion rates, fewer attempts needed

Psychology-Based Ads

Craft compelling ad concepts that channel the desires of your audience. Our solution optimizes your messaging with scientific precision.

Persona Research

Unearth the core desires and behaviours of your audience. We help you create detailed persona profiles, fine-tuned for your brand and products

What do our Clients say?

Thriving brands across the globe benefit from our services to scale their revenue every month. Join them now and discover what PaidAdvertising.com can do for you and your business
Justin and the team at PA have been a pleasure to work with over the last year. Results wise they have doubled our ROAS YoY whilst maintaining the same ad spend. They’ve also helped us begin our paid media journey on Pinterest with great success. Definitely recommend this platform for any creative/fashion brands! Their communication is second to none with weekly updates & bi-weekly catch-up calls and they are always forthcoming with suggestions an areas of improvement. If you’re a small business looking to achieve quick growth, I highly recommend Justin and the team at PaidAdvertising.com.

Ben Hession

Owner, The Hippie Shake

I love the team’s accessibility, their dedication and Justin’s vision and approach. You guys are quick at replying back to us, your follow-ups and reporting systems are on point, and I love how you’re a young thriving team.

Viviane Royer

Owner, V Creation

You guys invested $7,000 into ads so far which generated over $50,000 in online sales! I feel that with you, you’ve always been very transparent, we have a great chemistry and love the way you communicate too. Even though finding an agency may be scary, I’m telling you “go for it”, when you have the right agency, it’s reassuring.

Valerie Forgues

Owner, Creatival

Transparent, responsive and very open to recommending new strategies and options. Love their attention to campaigns and they’re very prompt on replies. There really isn’t much more I can ask from PA. They’ve been great gathering cold audiences conversions. I am thankful to be working with PaidAdvertising.com, young and hungry to be successful.

Nate Montgomery

Owner, The Hippie Shake

Deciding to work with PaidAdvertising.com was a risk for me because it wasn’t cheap and our fb ads at the time weren’t profitable. But I wanted to test this theory of working with an ad agency again, and I am super glad I did. There are a lot of reasons why I am happy I decided to work with Justin and his team! One of the many reasons is because after a couple of months, their results turned out to be better than mine.

Shakib Nassiri

Owner, Wama Underwear

Five out of five. I would definitely recommend you guys to any of my friends or anyone looking into doing Facebook Ads. One of the things I like about you guys was that when I told you that let’s start TikTok, you’re ready for it. When I told you let’s start Facebook USA, you also were ready for it. You’re keen to jump onto new opportunities and that’s a massive positive because a lot of agencies tend to charge you extra or take two months

Haroon Badat

Owner, LeJoux Stroller

What is your Approach?

Here’s what we offer


Tailored To E-Commerce Brands Currently Making Above $25,000 A Month In Sales And Wanting A Done-For-You Ads Management Approach.


Best For Brand Owners, Advertising Agency Owners And Marketers Wanting The Skills To Scale Their Ad Account(s)To Profitably Spend Over + $10,000 Daily.

Here are a few Partner Case Studies

$1.4M In 15 Months

We first met with this underwear brand in April 2021 but only started working with them in September. Their challenge: Maintain profitabilty while approaching market saturation. Fast forward to a whole year later, we’ve helped them generate $1.4M in sales while growing to above 4x ROAS through a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Ads.


This brand came to us with no prior ad experience, only a few boosted posts here and there. On our 1- year partnership anniversary, they surpassed for the 1st time the $1M/year mark. Through paid ads & email marketing, we were able to generate an ROI on our services of 10.92, officially making them a 7-figure brand.


The brand owner had been working with 2 agencies for the year prior to joining our team and even took up paid ads himself all the while results hit an all time low post-IOS 14. We not only scaled their ad spend by 510% up to $1,700 a day, but we also increased their ROAS from 1.5 to over 2.7x.


As they were in a very niche market and they had been dominating the competition for years, this brand was in dire need of new customers. They had ramped up to over 60% returning customer rate. Through our first 90 days together, we successfully increased new customer revenue by 20% while increasing new customer orders by 10%, bringing their returning customer rate down below 50% for the first time in over a year, all the while getting them ready for BFCM.

£233,946 TO £415,514 IN 8 MONTHS

I first met with this brand owner in February of 2022. He had been working with the same agency for years at this point, and wasn’t looking to scale, but rather to maintain ad spend and increase profitability. In just over 8 months, we brought their overall account average from 5.37x ROAS (counting BFCM 2021), to over 8.35x ROAS (excluding BFCM 2022).


A strong and predictable customer acquisition method is key for any ecommerce or infoproduct business. This brand owner was running their own ads before delegating them to our team. We grew their online store revenue by 60% all the while bringing in a heap of new customers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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